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Digital Stocking-Stuffers

New releases: "Malia" & "Forget Thyself"

We thought we'd play Santa Claus and sneak a couple new tracks in your digital stocking.  Click the image above to visit our Bandcamp page where you can listen, and even give the tracks to friends/family as a holiday treat.  As always 100% of proceeds go to www.ArtsAftercare.org to bring "beauty and healing through the arts" to survivors of modern slavery.

Merry Christmas,
(Curtis, Grace, Jonny, Steven & Kevin)
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Participate: A night for freedom and restoration

So you have heard sex trafficking is happening in Seattle. How can you be part of the solution? JUBILEE is performing with special guests at the Vera Project on Friday 12/6 from 7-9pm. Come participate with us in bringing freedom and restoration to women leaving human trafficking. All proceeds from the event will go towards the Hope House, a Seattle aftercare home for survivors of sex trafficking. $5 suggested donation. Doors open at 6:30pm. Invite wide! Here is the Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/395663167202745/?previousaction=join&source=1
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We are stoked to be recording at Jupiter Studios with the excellence of friend/producer Jonas G. We've got two new tracks just about ready to fall from the tree for your listening pleasure. "Forget Thyself" and "Malia" will be released soon! Stay tuned.
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Northwest School

Hello world, A couple weeks ago we had the rad opportunity to play at The Northwest School where I teach. I love this community. It's full of people who are doing something to make a change in the world and I was grateful we got to share our music and mission too. Here's a picture Andrew Matson of Seattle Times' Matson on Music snapped during our set. Enjoy!
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To Catch A Blurred Line

I recently read some transcripts from Chris Hansen’s To Catch a Predator special on NBC’s Dateline. In short, Dateline used a fake AOL screen name (this was seven years ago mind you) posing as a 13 year old to arrange for a sexual rendez-vous with chat room participants.
51 men ranging in ages from 19 to 61 were arrested in a mere three days, at least one of whom had been arrested on Dateline during a past sting.

Keep in mind, this is not on a Superbowl weekend, or during an international event in LA. Mira Loma isn’t even close to Los Angeles. Three random days, using one screen name.

In addition to drumming for Jubilee, I write and teach poetry. This summer I engaged the issue of sexual oppression from several different angles: the John, the pimp, the sexually oppressed, and like much of America, Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines. (note: Yes, I know I'm the 10000000000th person to talk about this. Keep reading.)

Source: anchorshoppresents.com

It’s not just Robin Thicke. It’s pop America. It’s gendered power dynamics. It’s socializing of Mickey Mouse Club cast members to meet the dance floor’s demands. A dance floor in any given club or party can be the starting place for rape. Yet rape victims can’t take Robin Thicke to court. And they can’t because 1. He’s Robin Thicke 2. It’s not Robin’s fault. Well, at least not entirely.

Blurred Lines has been #1 on the Billboard charts for eleven weeks. Why has this been the most popular song in America for almost three solid months? Someone is listening to it. It’s tragically catchy and has a light repetitive dance groove. The first lyric I understood was “good girl”. What does a good girl do? When I was growing up, ‘good girls' respected themselves and others. Robin’s good girl “must wanna get nasty” and is the “hottest bitch in this place”. Blurred lines.

I imagine listening to the rough cuts of this song must have been like sitting in my living room with an oil man describing the oil reservoir beneath my house. They know we’re going to buy it. If not you (thank you), then someone. Millions of someones.

You’re probably thinking, wait what was that thing about California?

Right. Those 51 men. Some of them leaving their families to have sex with someone closer in age to their kids than themselves. If an artist (not the only one) on TV and the radio who has a family is able to dry-hump on national television and spend his days on a hyper-sexualized movie set, what’s the difference with one of these men hooking up over instant messenger? I’ll let you answer that question.

If the Mira Loma police were able to arrest 51 men in three days using one screen name, I can’t even imagine the scale of this issue in our country. Across our world. In my eyes, each perpetrator is responsible for themselves, but I would argue there is a lie at work and pop culture gives these men every tool the lie needs to corrupt their rationale. What’s the lie? Who will counter it?

With love,

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The Justice Conference

We are thrilled to be performing at The Justice Conference again this year, this time in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center FEB 22 & 23. In addition to sharing the stage with heroes like Gary Haugen (IJM) and John Perkins, we'll be joining Gungor for a VIP premeire event where Arts Aftercare and our documentary "Do What You Love to End What You Hate" will be featured. Get all the details here. Below is JUBILEE performing for 5,000 at the 2012 Justice Conference in Portland, Oregon.

"Called Out Your Name" Justice Conference 2012 from Live JUBILEE on Vimeo.

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"Do What You Love to End What You Hate"

Do What You Love to End What You Hate from Arts Aftercare on Vimeo.

Members of JUBILEE started our sister nonprofit Arts Aftercare. All JUBILEE cd sales go to Arts Aftercare and bring music and the arts in a healing capacity to survivors of modern slavery. Our motto is "do what you love to undo what you hate". We love music and hate the fact that children as young as 4 years old are abused in forced prostitution and slave labor. We encourage people to "give what you get" - give from your passion, what you understand, what God's put in your DNA. Go to www.artsaftercare.org to learn more, and to donate. $10/month is enough to send a Healing Arts Toolkit that brings the arts in a healing capacity to dozens of human trafficking survivors at aftercare safe homes. Much love, Curtis
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"Beautiful Things": Arts Aftercare Benefit at The Triple Door, Monday 8/27

Healing Arts Toolkit, Philippines from Arts Aftercare on Vimeo.

JUBILEE will be performing at The Triple Door on Monday, August 27th at "Beautiful Things," an Arts Aftercare benefit event. Arts Aftercare is our sister organization which we founded to bring the arts in a healing capacity to survivors of human trafficking in Seattle and around the world. Come learn about the Healing Arts Toolkit, and the impact the arts are having bringing beauty and healing to survivors of human trafficking. Purchase your tickets here. 100% of ticket sales go to Arts Aftercare. All ages welcome.
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Grove of the Patriarchs

Grove of the Patriarchs | Music Video from Live JUBILEE on Vimeo.

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Hummingbird Love Song

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