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Invest in a Uniquely Effective Nonprofit

Registered as "Live Jubilee", we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Since 2003, our band, JUBILEE, have been advocates for victims and survivors of human trafficking, and have been mobilizing our audiences toward immediate action on their behalf. 

As a public charity, we are able to give tax deductible donation receipt slips, and ask for you to partner with us and consider making us a part of your yearly charitable giving.  

Our work is unique, and uniquely effective.

The reason we exist as an organization - and why we can confidently ask for your financial support - is because our unique nonprofit model addresses the issue of modern slavery in a surprising, strategic, and effective way.  Experts agree that the greatest reason modern slavery exists is lack of awareness, and connected to that, lack of financial and political resources.  Slavery is illegal in every nation on earth, yet it exists everywhere.  No one in their right mind thinks it's a good idea.  It lives in a blind spot, and will thrive there (because it is extremely profitable for some) until the general public becomes aware and raises its voice to demand that it must stop.

Raising awareness can be very difficult in what we call the "Too Much Information Age".  With our computers and smart phones, we are flooded with statistics, opinions, and information.  As a result, we have spam filters for both our email in-boxes and our brains - we simply learn to ignore things, even important things we need to know about, such as slavery.  Music and the arts are more than just information, they speak from and connect with more of the human being.  For this reason we've seen how our music allows us to engage people in a far deeper and more effective way.  A good song can fly over a person's mental spam filter in a way a poster, announcement, or email simply cannot.  We also have access to diverse audiences and venues where the stories of modern slavery aren't commonly heard.

Our work is unique, and uniquely effective.  A donation to Live Jubilee is investing strategically to bring what is needed most in the modern abolitionist response to slavery - awareness and mobilization.

Thank you for listening, and for your support!

Questions or comments?  Email Curtis Romjue at curtis@livejubilee.org