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Do what you love

There is nothing that disgusts us more than the literal slavery that exists for 27 million children, women and men who are currently –as in right now as you read this - held in forced labor and sex slavery.  But what can we do as musicians living in the USA?  Our band JUBILEE and our program Arts Aftercare have been our attempts to answer that question for ourselves and for the many other artists who hear about modern slavery and want to join the fight to end it.  We know it is important to give money, pray, and tell audiences about the issue, but we wanted to get involved using the gifts and talents we possess as artists.  We believe that when people are given ways to "do what they love to undo what they hate" they become sustainable, increasingly savvy advocates, rather than dangerously uninformed, flash-in-the-pan activists.

As musicians, our music and concerts are not just a Trojan horse for delivering a message to an unsuspecting audience.  Our music is an important tool for ruminating on life and expressing reactions to what we encounter in the world.  That said, we do also use our performances to flip on the light switch for our audiences that slavery still exists.  Our music gives us a way to reach incredibly diverse groups of youth and adults in music venues, bars, college campuses, churches... you name it, we’ve probably played there.  In the "Too Much Information Age" statistics and causes get lost in a sea of white noise and removed by spam filters.  Unless you can make a more personal, more human connection, important messages simply get drowned out.

Music has always inspired, encouraged, and brought people together.  The world still needs positive change, and music still plays its part.  This makes sense.  What better way to heal the worst of the human experience, than by enjoying the best of it?

Do what you Love to Undo what you Hate