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Undo what you hate

1st - Connect with JUBILEE

2nd - Learn the facts

3rd - Print out flyers to post in public places
(like bathrooms, works spaces, community bulletin boards, etc.)

4th - Write a quick note

5th - Use your talents and strengths

We're musicians, so we're helping through our music.  What are your skills and resources?  Think creatively about how you can leverage them on behalf of those in slavery and aftercare.  Email us and we can brainstorm with you!
Click the image below to see some great examples:aJGEoEV8MsEOm9UckkhkHcaf9lpDXHVYTfzqpW8Lo89ytAFKclF-9UJoSCQ9-5S9TbuqmEas94tuKf4e8t9oGJ_ZuZ22jqQBcsmL1lb8CMmqFB7tRw