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West Coast Tour 2011

Date: [January 4th, 2011]
Contact: Curtis Romjue, Public Relations
Phone: [903-472-9092]
Email: [curtis@livejubilee.org]

JUBILEE, the abolitionist 501(c)(3) nonprofit rock band, to tour West Coast January 20th-26th promoting new album "To See You Well"

Formed in 2004, JUBILEE has used its music to raise awareness and funds to fight modern slavery. Half of every album they've ever sold has been donated to groups working on the front lines. Lead singer Curtis Romjue says, "Music makes our lives better. We hope our music can improve the lives of others. Nothing I've learned about the world disturbs me more than slavery and the forced prostitution of young children. This needs to frickin' stop. It's powerful to point out these gross realities, because they repugnantly illustrate the logical and inevitable out-workings of an ill-tended human heart. Music helps us to ruminate on life and live a more poised, intentional, and fruitful existence."  JUBILEE's motto and encouragement to fans is, "Do what you love to undo what you hate." Read more about JUBILEE on their website, www.livejubilee.org

You can catch JUBILEE at:
January 20th - San Fransisco, CA - Simple Pleasures Cafe - all ages - performing with Lucky Cloud and Foxtails Brigade
January 21st-22nd - Fremont, CA - Freedom Summit
January 23rd - Santa Cruz, CA - The Abbey
January 24th - Santa Cruz, CA - Bethany University
January 26th - Newberg, OR - George Fox University

For more concert details, go to www.livejubilee.org

"To See You Well" (2011) features beach town folk rock with intelligent arrangement of cello, piano, and vocal harmonies building to compelling crescendos.  This nourishing collection is refreshingly laid-back yet thoughtfully expresses a range of human experience and emotion.  The music and artwork pay tribute to the land, people, and cultures of Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, the band members’ milieu.

Produced by Jonas Gushurst at Mezzanine Floor Studios & the Fremont Abbey Arts Center in Seattle, WA. Mastered at RFI by Ed Brooks (Fleet Foxes, Death Cab for Cutie). CD cover art by Nathaniel P. Wilkerson of the Gitxsan tribe B.C., Canada. "To See You Well" will be released to Seattle on January 31st and will be available at live shows prior to that date. www.livejubilee.org

About Modern Slavery: Slavery still thrives. There are an estimated 27 million people living in bondage today, more than the 400 years of the trans-Atlantic slave trade combined. An average slave in the American South in the year 1850 cost the equivalent of $40,000; today a slave costs an average of $90 making them a disposable commodity. Slavery exists in the form of sex trafficking, domestic servitude, child soldier slavery, farm slavery, and more. Modern slavery holds a yearly 9 billion dollar profit in the black market. The CIA estimates 14,500-17,000 are trafficked into the United States each year. For more information visit, www.livejubilee.org

Contact: Curtis Romjue, Public Relations for JUBILEE, 903-472-9092, curtis@livejubilee.org