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Special Events

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Our love and scholarship of music has led us to explore many styles over the years.  When the project started out in 2004, we were writing and performing songs mostly in the vein of Brazilian jazz, funk and reggae.  Our music has since led us more into the indie folk rock genre, but everything we currently write and perform is to some degree infused and informed by our past explorations. 

We find it difficult to answer the question: "What kind of music do you play for special events?"  Our reply usually ends up being a fun discussion, not a succinct response.  Have a listen to our sample tracks and you tell us what you think! :)

Overall, live music creates a unique, personal, analog/old-school charm in a modern world where everything is impersonal, copied, digital.  It's a candle versus a florescent light bulb.

Please remember that 10% of your booking fee is donated directly to organizations fighting slavery on the front lines.  The rest of your fee pays our rent, and puts gas in the tank so that we as a band can continue to raise funds and awareness to stop modern slavery.  Thank you for partnering with us for a slave free world!

To read more about this check out the "nonprofit section" of our website.
JUBILEE does Special Events too! (Weddings, Private Parties, etc.)